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This standard warranty is for 3 months or 3,000 miles  with a maximum claim limit of £1000.00


This warranty covers the failure of the following components:



All major internal moving Parts of the cylinder block including; crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, balance shafts, gears, oil pump and including cylinder head and engine block (but excluding; liners, variable camshaft timing units (Vanos), chains, sprockets, tensioners, burnt out valves and valve seats).


All internal mechanical Parts of gearbox, transfer gearbox, torque converter and overdrive (but excluding SMG and DSG hydraulic actuator, internal oil cooler or radiator, mechatronic unit and valve body).


Master cylinder, slave cylinder, fork lever, pedal and cable.


Drive shafts, prop-shafts, centre bearings, constant velocity joints (excluding rubber boots), universal joints and couplings.


Crown wheel, pinion and bearings.

Claim Procedure:

Please notify in writing to stating:

1. Current mileage

2. Mileage issue occurred

3. Date issue occurred

4. Mileage of last service (please supply copy invoice)

5. Date last service carried out (please supply copy invoice)

6. Quotation detailing repairs (must be a reputable vat registered garage utilising Autodata)

Please note: During the warranty period the vehicle must remain as it was supplied.

Any modification in respect of ECU tuning and or fitting of non standard accessories will invalidate the warranty.

Accident damage is excluded from this warranty

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